Graduate degree listing

As a French public university, the UGA offers two types of degree: diplômes universitaires (DU, listed below as “university degree”) and diplômes d’État. Both types of degree have value, and both are monitored for quality and outcomes. The difference is that DUs are organized by the university that offers them, whereas diplômes d’État are national, and fit into the larger European scheme LMD (bachelor-master-doctorate).

The degree programs listed below, including the DUs, are taught at the graduate level and intended for students with a level of experience and training in the discipline which is roughly equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

Master’s degrees in France typically take two years, and you will see degree descriptions which reference the first year (M1) or second year (M2) of a degree program. Many programs offer a common first year with a choice of specialization in the second year. Depending on your level of preparation and the organization of the degree offered, you may be able to enroll in the first or second year of a master’s program.