University degree Literature, french language and communication (LLFC)

Presentation and goals

The CUEF receives as a priority, as part of university partnerships with China, students in the third year of their Benke, for a one-year course combining specific teaching (improving language skills and knowledge of French culture, French for academic purposes) and disciplinary teaching (Literature, language sciences and communication) taken from the first-year syllabus for the UGA bachelor's degree in LLASIC (Language, literature, performing arts, information and communication).
The students obtain a Literature, French Language and Communication university degree subject to passing the exam as well as a transcript.

Following the DU LLEC course, in addition to mastering French at a B2 level, the students must be able to :

  • Master the principles, notions and essential points of the disciplinary content provided in the literature, language sciences and information communication classes that they will have followed
  • Understand a long oral (lecture) and take notes
  • Master university techniques (writing academic essays, speaking during a lecture etc)
  • Meet the personal work demands: documentary, bibliographic research etc
  • Fit into a working group (in vivo and on a collaborative platform)
  • Be able to deal with different assessment methods in place in French universities



International dimension :

Internationally-oriented programmes


Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships

Access condition

When enrolling, students selected will have to have their 2nd year of Benke confirmed and have proof of a B1 level of French acquired from the CEFR, or be in the process of acquiring B2 .

During their study placement in UGA, these students are jointly enrolled on a university degree (DU) at the UGA and on the 3rd year of Benke in their home university.

Obtaining the university diploma completes this year-long study placement abroad.

Candidature / Application

• On application
• Monitored written test on the three skills (listening, reading, writing)
• Interview (speaking skill) carried out on site or remotely

The admission confirmation will be sent to the student and the partner university upon receipt of the enrolment form, accompanied by the booking fees, deductible from the total tuition fees, or € 2 000 (this amount is deductible form the total tuition price)

Target group

Chinese students enrolled on Benke in their home university

And after

And after

Further studies

Continuing studies at the UGA is subject to the decision of the qualification review board :

• The qualification review board gives a favourable opinion to continue studies in literature, communication and language sciences

• The board does not recommend studies are continued: going through a study validation commission remains possible