Bachelor Economics and management

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The license is a general training. with an important multidisciplinary base. Its objective is the acquisition of knowledge and methods allowing the pursuit of master studies in the field of economics and management. It also offers bridges. opportunities for reorientation and access to vocational training at each stage of the cycle.

So it prepares for professional integration through professionalising UEs in the 3rd year and compulsory or optional internships.

Bridges are also planned after the 2nd year for access to a professional license. Different optional UEs open to 2nd year students allow them to prepare for early professional specialization. Three courses are offered in the 3rd year for a specialization in the field of business management : 

  • Management
  • Economic engineering

You will also have the opportunity to complete your third year of study abroad as part of an exchange program with our partner universities. Finally, there is a course with more professionalized courses:

  • Assistant director of PME-PMI which takes place alternately
  • Managerial economics for international markets

While assuming the acquisition of fundamental disciplinary knowledge for all, the license allows students to choose a course adapted to their personal tastes and their project. At the end of their undergraduate education, they will be able to join the labor market directly (civil service competition and jobs available with a license), or continue in a Master's degree to deepen their training and reinforce their professionalisation. The choices of orientation, as well as the professional opportunities, following a bachelor's degree in economics and management are very diverse and the quality of the learning carried out during the three years guarantees chances of success in the projects of the student.

Access conditions

  • Public initial formation :

The first year of the Bachelor's degree is open to candidates holding a Bachelor's degree or a degree accepted in equivalent terms (capacity in law, DAEU ...). All applications including a reorientation must be made on the Parcoursup platform. It is also accessible to foreign applicants domiciled outside the EU (prior application procedure). The second year and the third year are accessible to the students holding 60 or 120 credits obtained in this same curriculum or via a validation of studies according to the conditions determined by the university or the training.

  • Public Continuing education : You are in charge of continuing education:
  • if you resume your studies after 2 years of interruption of studies
  • or if you followed a formation under the regime formation continues one of the 2 preceding years
  • or if you are an employee, job seeker, self-employed

If you do not have the diploma required to integrate the training (identical to that indicated for the initial training audience), you can undertake a Validation of Personal and Professional Acquirements (VAPP)

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