Master in Materials science and engineering

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Course co-accredited by the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (Grenoble INP) and Université Grenoble Alpes

The SGM research master offers a very diverse course, focusing on both structural (for transport, conversion of energy) and functional materials (for microelectronics in particular). The scientific training covers the essential concepts on development, phenomena governing the genesis of microstructures, and behaviour (mechanical, electronic, surfaces etc). Modelling and simulation in materials science, an important theme in the laboratories associated with the training, is also discussed.

The considerable time given to optional courses means that the programme can be adapted to each student's career plan.

The training curriculum contains a series of courses and an internship of at least 5 months providing an introduction to research.

There are employment opportunities in public and private research and in industrial R&D in sectors such as metallurgy, microelectronics, transport, energy conversion and chemistry.

During the 1st year year, students follow a foundation program worth 24 ECTS, which mainly covers the basic tools needed for materials science.

Two standard programs in French are offered for this specialisation. In accordance with site policy, these courses are offered under the dual course in 2nd year to students at Grenoble INP-PHELMA on the Materials science and engineering, and Electrochemistry and processes courses.
As such, many elements of the master are shared with these courses from Grenoble INP-PHELMA. Two international programs are also offered, with classes in English and individual support for students, in two fields: materials for nuclear energy, and functional materials; in both cases these curricula draw on European networks (KICs, Erasmus Mundus).

The SGM specialisation provides courses on the boundary between physics and chemistry in the areas of materials, electrochemistry and the associated processes. The areas covered are essential to industry, which is continually required to respond to new, mainly environmental, challenges (reducing the weight of structural materials, developing new materials for energy production, conversion and storage, packaging and recycling...). This specialisation therefore teaches the methodological and scientific tools graduates will need to take part in research and innovation in these application areas.

Further studies

PhD - Science and engineering of materials and associated processes, applications for energy (nuclear, fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaic ...), transport, metallurgy, microelectronics. Doctoral School I-MEP2

Sectors of activity

  • Materials engineering: developers, materials users (transport, energy, ICT, ...)
  • Electrochemistry and processes : sectors of energy (in particular renewable), environment, micro-electronics, durability of materials
  • Materials for nuclear energy : nuclear power sector, power plant supplier, operator
  • Engineering of functional materials : functional material sectors, microelectronics, information technologies, nanomaterials ...

Practica, projects, and missions

The training course contains a set of courses and a research initiation course of at least 5 months. No internship abroad


Accredited organizational unit(s)

  • University of Grenoble Alpes

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Access conditions

To be accepted for a master 1st year, you must hold a bachelor degree (licence 3rd year) or equivalent. To be accepted for a master 2nd year, you must hold a master 1 degree or equivalent.  Your previous studies must be compatible with the master you wish to study. The recruitment and registration conditions are stated for each speciality.


- Basic physico-chemical mechanisms involved in materials science
- Classification of materials, properties associated with major families of materials
- Materials development methods
- Materials characterization methods
- Numerical and modeling methods
- Transversal courses


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