Morphology seminar

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


Introduction to general morphology in a descriptive, typological and empirical approach.

- Splitting methods

- Morphological operations (affixation, reduplication, alternation)

- Concatenative and non-concatenative languages (prototypes: Arabic, Hebrew)

- The two Comrie indices (Synthesis-isolation and fusion-agglutination)

- Introduction to the morphology-phonology interface: some basics on the morphemic borders, allomorphs and suprasegmental phenomena considered from a morphological point of view.

+ 1 observation session of two canonical extremes: Sinitic type isolation (Mandarin) and Northern native American type polysynthesis (inuktitut)

+ 1 cross-disciplinary session with the deafness specialists on morphological operations in sign languages.


Structures of general morphology available in French.
(+ Work in progress, Caroline Imbert & Anna Söres)
Excerpts from Payne "Exploring Language Structure", Aronoff & Füdeman "Morphology" and Haspelmath & Sims "Understanding Morphology".