UE Structure of matter - CHI131 -

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The purpose of the class is to give students an overview of the organization of the matter from the atomic scale to the crystal.
The first part deals with the composition and representation of the atom. The quantum model is introduced with the associated concept of atomic orbitals. The properties of each atom are linked to the electronic configuration and the place of the element across the periodic table.  
The second part concerns the representation of molecules using the Lewis formalism and the VSEPR method. The molecular orbitals model deduced from a linear combination of atomic orbitals will be introduced for the covalent diatomic molecule.
The third and last part is the study of ideal crystals, as well as metallic and ionic crystalline systems deduced from cubic packing.

Pré-requis recommandés

Program in science of the last year of secondary school

Compétences visées

1/ Understand the electronic structure of atoms and chemical bonding  chemical bonding through theories based on atomic and molecular orbitals in diatomic molecules.   
2/ Draw molecular structures using the Lewis model and predict the local geometry around a central atom. Identify associated mesomeric phenomena.
3/ Represent and exploit metallic and ionic crystals derived from cubic systems.


• Cours de chimie générale, Paul Arnaud (Dunod)
• Elements of physical chemistry, Peter Atkins (De Boeck)

Informations complémentaires

Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Français