UE Drilling and borehole geophysics

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The Drilling and Borehole Geophysics training unit provides information (1) about the drilling techniques used both in Oil & Gas industry and in hydrogeology and (2) about the acquisition and processing of borehole geophysical datasets. The training units is organised in 2 parts : (1) several theoretical lessons, with several interventions from experts from the industry and (2) a practical training near Montpellier where borehole logging will be performed by the students in the same hole where cores were recovered. Students will compare borehole logs they acquired with their own description of the fault cores.

This training units provides therefore the basics of drilling and borehole geophysics techniques used in Georessources science.


Figure 1 : Practical logging during the field trip


Figure 2 : Core-log integration from the logging data acquired during the field trip presented in Figure 1.

Pratical skills acquired during this UE:

- Prepare drilling operations

- Monitor drilling operations

- Perform geophysical logging in a borehole

- Interpret a collection of logs by correlating data.

- Perform core-log integration

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