UE High throughput in biology

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Course outline

The lectures present the basic methodology and some advanced techniques used for high throughput in vitro small molecule drug discovery. The principles and statistical methods used for assay optimization and validation will also be explained.

I. Molecular biology, Biochemistry and Protein expression

II. Proteomic analysis; Mass spectrometry

III. Lab-chips and Cell-chips

IV. Structural biology: Crystallogenesis and Crystallization; RMN

V. Combinatory chemistry

Format of exams:  Oral exam (at the end of December) and Research project (at the beginning of January)



Format of the course







48 %

Tutorials and discussions



Lab sessions



Estimated work load at home


52 %



100 %



Exam requirements


Nature of the exams

Mid-term (Number of hours, % of the final grade)

Final (Number of hours, % of the final grade)

Second session

Written exam




Oral exam

50 %



Research project


50 %






Practicals: report






Pré-requis recommandés

-Language used for the teaching and evaluation:


-To which kind of program can you apply when taking this course?

PhD programs in Biology


Background in biochemistry, molecular biology and cellular biology. Knowledge in physiology, immunology and microbiology will be appreciated. Students with laboratory and/or practical skills will better understand technological benefits of the use of high throughput technologies in the lab work.

-Is the number of students limited in this course?

20 students

Compétences visées

-Targeted skills:

After completion of this course, students should be able to better understand and compare different high throughput methods used, for instance, for the discovery and validation of new biomarkers.

Be able to present this knowledge in oral and written form

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais