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This is a course that provides the basics of cell biology. They concern in particular the structure of eukaryotic cells (animal or vegetable) or prokaryotic cells and the associated methods of observation, the mode of division of these cells, the principal stages of the biosynthetic pathways of the organic molecules and their sub-cellular localization, as well as the basic principles of cellular metabolism.

The students work on exercises that allow them to detail and deepen the notions covered in class, in particular through the analysis of experimental results and the creation of synthesis diagrams. Throughout the semester, interaction between students is favoured by working in groups and/or in front of the class.

Pré-requis recommandés

General basic knowledge in biology from the last two years of high school scientific programs are recommended.

Knowledge about the structures and properties of the biomolecules that make up life

Compétences visées

  • To know the major characteristics of eukaryotic- (both animal and plant-) versus prokaryotic cells and their compartments (if it does applies);
  • To understand the cell functioning in a dynamic and integrated manner including specific mechanisms such as protein synthesis and traffic, the mitosis process integrated in the cell cycle;
  • To know the principle of the main steps of common techniques used for the observation of cells.


Biology (Raven)

Informations complémentaires

Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais