UE Field trip : Exploration and Mining Geology

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The Montagne Noire constitutes a remarkable metallogenic province with about 100 km long and 25-70 km wide, located in the southwest part of Massif Central, France.

This region hosts a unique diversity of ore deposits:

- Pb, Zn, Cu, Ba in sedimentary and metamorphic units,

- Sb in magmatic context,

- W in metamorphic units,

- Au, Ag, As, Te in epithermal context,

- Al in bauxites,

- U in sedimentary context,

All these ore deposits are of major interest regarding mining exploration and exploitation. Mining activity has taken place in several areas since pre-Roman period mainly for for Au and Ag exploitation. Some very important ore deposits have been exploited in this province during the past century (The Salsigne gold mine used to be the biggest in Europe). The geology of Montagne Noire has a remarkable chronostratigraphic set that provides a vast lithologic diversity.

The general idea of the field trip is to introduce the students to ore targeting and exploration, but also to the environmental history of mining: exploitation, closure and recreation.

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