UE Thematic and interdisciplinary projects

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Part 1 : Quantum practicals on IBM-Q

Projects will be focused on the implementation of elementary quantum algorithms on superconducting quantum processors and simulators (IBM-Q). It relies on a “learning by doing” strategy. Developed skills: Python & quantum circuits.

Part 2 : Quantum seminars

A series of seminars (regular and extended ones) will complete the regular course offer during the fall semester.
For the academic year 2022-2023, the program (18 hours in total) was the following:

  • 3 extended seminars (3 x 1.5 hours each)
    - Mechanical systems in the quantum limit
    - Spin Qubits with NV centers
    - Multiscale modeling
  • 3 regular seminars (1.5 hour each)

What is a PhD ?
Quantum Start-ups presentations.

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