UE Research Internship

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The internship is a key step of the M1 since in many cases it is the first long stay in a Research lab to develop an original scientific topics. The internship lasts a minimum of 8 weeks between April to June, on a subject related to nanosciences or nanotechnologies.
The internship can be a performed in a research institute of the Grenoble area or abroad, or in a company.
Students conduct a research project under the guidance of their supervisor. The internship can be extended during the summer up a to length of 4 months.

At the end of June students have to produce a report of about 20 pages including the bibliography. The report introduces their subject, the state of the art, and their objectives. It describes the methods they have used, their realizations, and discusses the results obtained during the internship. The reports concludes by giving perspectives of the performed work.
The students have then an oral defense based on a presentation of 15mn followed by 10mn of questions.

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Langue(s) : Anglais