UE Research training

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The Second year Research Training can take two different forms:

- 10 half-days spent in identified labs on recurrent subjects proposed by the coordinator of the teaching unit ;

- a part-time internship in a lab of the Grenoble area, representing more or less 1 day each week during a semester. In can be on the same subject as the M1 internships and/or of the future M2 internships, allowing a continuous immersion in a laboratory on a given for the whole duration of the master program. Students joining the program in M2 can also follow this program but they must readily find a welcoming lab by themselves prior to their arrival in Grenoble or at the very beginning of the academic year.

In both cases, the module is evaluated through a short report followed by an oral examination, in which students expose their research objectives, implementation, and results, and answer to the questions of the jury.

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais