Master Electronique, énergie électrique, automatique

Master Electronique, énergie électrique, automatique

Parcours Master in Integration, Security and TRust in Embedded systems (MISTRE) / Valence 2e année

Présentation et objectifs

MISTRE Valence focuses on critical and secure embedded systems: smart systems (car, building,...), IoT, distributed systems etc. 

Lire la suiteWhy choose this Master Program

  • Embedded systems are everywhere (IoT, cars, buildings, etc.)
  • Safety and security of embedded systems are major concerns for our societies
  • Strong connection with industry and laboratories which offer many jobs and PhD positions
  • Master courses and practical work with the quality of Grenoble INP
  • International experience with a deep integration among local French students.

  Lire la suiteMain thematics:   Electronic Engineering / Computer Engineering / Computer Science / System Control


Lire la suiteAll the courses are taught in English

  •  1st semester: 330 hours of class- 30 ECTS
  • 2nd semester: Internship – 30 ECTS



Informations complémentaires

Class of 16 international students maximum. International exchange students are allowed to attend this master program, in the limit of the 16 places available.

All courses are taught in English

  • 1st semester: 330 hours of class- 30 ECTS
  • 2nd semester: Internship – 30 ECTS

Dimension internationale :

Formation tournée vers l’international

International exchange students are allowed to follow this master program, in the limit of the 16 places available. For more details please click here







Apply now : Click here

December 1st 2021 - April 14th 2022

Complete the online application form  and provide the following documents:

  • ID Document
  • CV and motivation letter
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Transcripts (scan of your last diploma obtained, transcripts of the two previous academic years and of the present academic year)
  • Proof of B2 level in English (previous studies in English or English language certificate)

You will be notified of the results of your application in May, 2022 after selection committee.
Important: if you are not living in France, you must fulfill the process asked by Etudes en France and Campus France. This is mandatory to obtain your entrance visa.
For more information about visa, please click here.


  • Electronic Engineering: General Electronics, Signal Processing, Modulation/Demodulation, RF Electronics basics, Antennas basics
  • Computer Engineering: Digital Design (VHDL/Verilog, FPGA), Embedded Software Programming, Processor Architecture (RISC & ARM)
  • Computer Science: C programming language, Bases of Object-oriented programming (Java), Graph theory basics, Operating System basics (Linux system programming
  • System Control: Scientific computing (ODE time integration), State Space Approach

Droits de scolarité

  • EU, EEA (European Economic Area) or Quebec students: 243€
  • Non-EU students: 3,770€

An instalment plan may be set up in order to pay the tuition fees. If admitted, the student will be encouraged to apply for a tuition fee waiver based on social criteria ; an e-mail will specify the terms to set up the waiver.

In addition, the selected students will receive information about the various scholarships opened to the students of Grenoble INP. 

Et après ?

Et après ?

Métiers visés


Examples of job opportunities: 

  • Embedded Software/Hardware Engineer or Developer
  • Hardware Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Distributed Systems Engineer

PhD opportunities: 

Example of thematics:

  • Hardware/Software Embedded and Communicating Systems
  • Hardware/Software Security or Safety
  • Distributed Systems Design
  • System Control