UE Linear dynamical systems

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In this module, we will lay the foundations for the control of linear systems in the continuous-time as well as in the discrete-time. In the continuous-time case, we will consider the time domain as well as the frequency domain. After a brief introduction, the following concepts will be addressed: transfer function, state-space representation of linear and nonlinear systems, linearization, Linear Time invariant (LTI) and Linear Time variant (LTV) systems, Input-Output stability.


The purpose of this module is to lay off the bases of control for linear systems in continuous-time as well as in discrete-time case. At the end of this class the students will be familiar with the concepts of: state-space representation, linearization, time invariance, input response, transfer function of state-space systems, input-output stability. C. Prieur and M. Fiacchini will later use these concepts in their advanced control classes.

Pré-requis recommandés

Laplace Transform, Bode plot, block diagram representation, Vector and matrix operations, P/PI/PID control.

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