UE Electromagnetism

Diplômes intégrant cet élément pédagogique :


  1. Maxwell in a vacuum
    • Maxwell's equations
    • Notion of distribution, charge and current distribution
    • Invariances and symmetries of the EM field
    • Interface and boundary conditions
    • Electrostatic case: Coulomb law, electric potential, conductors, dipoles
    • Magnetostatic case: Biot and Savart, magnetic potential, dipoles
    • Magnetodynamic case: induction phenomenon, induced currents
    • Wave case: propagation, reflection on a plane conductor, guided waves
    • Electromagnetic energy in vacuum
  2. Maxwell in matter
    • Polarization of material
    • Microscopic origin of polarization
    • Macroscopic aspects of static polarization of dielectric materials
    • Polarization charges
    • Macroscopic fields in matter, dielectric susceptibility (tensor)
    • Microscopic origin of magnetization
    • Paramagnetism, diamagnetism
    • Macroscopic fields in matter, magnetic susceptibility (tensor)
    • Ferromagnetism: spontaneous magnetic order, domains, hysteresis cycles and magnetization processes
    • Electromagnetic energy in matter
  3. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in materials
    • Reflection, transmission, absorption and dispersion

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