Experimental methods in cell biology and biochemistry - MEP231 -

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This is a mainly experimental course which allows the mobilisation and implementation of knowledge acquired in biochemistry (BIO101) and cell biology (BIO201). It is organised in the form of six alternating sessions of preparatory lectures and six sessions of practical work. The topics covered are related to the biochemistry of proteins (purification, analysis of quaternary structures, dialysis) and nucleic acids (identification of mutations, restriction map) as well as to cell biology (osmosis, concept of isolated cells and tissues, cell division).

Pré-requis recommandés

Protein and Nucleic Acid Biochemistry (BIO131), Basic Cell Biology (BIO231)

Compétences visées

  • To master the basic experimental methods in cell biology and biochemistry
  • Mobilise and consolidate acquired knowledge in biochemistry, cell biology and organism biology
  • Improve skills in presenting results
  • To appropriate the principle of each experiment, in order to be able to place it in another biological context

Informations complémentaires

Langue(s) : Anglais