UE Tutored project

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This module aims to provide students with the working methods to present the projects that they have been able to develop in their company. These methods will be applied to present in written and in oral form the capacities defended in the file to acquire the Professional Qualification Certificate.

Programme :

Enhance your work and speak in public (exercise filmed and viewed)

- Know how to prepare

- Know how to structure one's speech

- Be able to discuss these skills and achievements

- Know how to present yourself, how to manage your stress in public

Defence before a jury

The defence will last 10 minutes, and is to be done with PowerPoint-type slides. The student will use a maximum of 10 slides in which the following themes must appear:

-  Company description

-  Activity of the block-release student in the company

- Environment, means, and resources available

- Selected Professionnal Qualification Certificate and capacity table

- Missions to link these skills to the work of the block-release student

- Review of the capacities already validated

- Perspectives on capacities not yet validated