Project management

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


- Know all the steps in the management of a project, identify the input and output data of each step, define the roles and functions in the conduct of a project.

- Build a toolbox to acquire the skills needed for project monitoring.

Program :

Introduction: Introduction to the Agile Method, Formulating Values, History, Comparing Agile Methods and Traditional Methods, Developing the Value-Driven Agile Method

Fundamentals of Scrum: Managing Uncertainties and Risks, Identifying Roles and Responsibilities, Managing the Backlog, Tools for Monitoring and Controlling a Project

Plan with the agile method: Concentration on the "Business" value, Features to develop with an iteration

Empowering the team: Creating an adequate work environment, Organizing the transition to autonomy, Performing iterations

Managing Change: Making a quick return via sprint reviews, Demonstration, Collaboration and Estimation, Reviewing Retrospective Iterations

Apply the Agile Method in the Organization: Ramping Up for Large Projects, Managing Distributed Development, Successfully Adopting Agile Methods