Master in Corporate management and administration

Master in Corporate management and administration

Applied corporate management 2nd year

Presentation and goals

The Master in Applied Corporate Management is a graduate program in business dedicated to students keen to discover and understand the theories, practices and tools useful for leading organizations and making managerial decisions.

Because a varied background is a true asset when implementing management and leadership skills, notably in the context of a fast changing environment, the Master in Applied Corporate Management is intended for students with educational background other than management or business.

The Master in Applied Corporate Management is a 12-month program focused on all areas in the management of organizations. The curriculum emphasizes on both understanding business fundamentals and developing managerial skills.

The program targets explicitly students from non-business areas (engineering, art, law, philosophy, history, technology and computer sciences, etc.) who want to develop management expertise, either because they plan to work as a manager or because they know they will need managerial competencies in their professional life.

If you want to know:

  • what is the language of business
  • how businesses are organized
  • how corporations develop and implement their strategies
  • how they deal with risk
  • how they make investments and finance their growth
  • how they respond to market needs
  • how they attract and retain customers
  • how they align human resources policy with business strategy

Then, the Master in Applied Corporate Management is for you.

The Master in Applied Corporate Management is offered as a one-year full-time program.



Further information

The program covers all the fields of corporate management. It is structured around :

  • Core courses aimed at developing hard management skills (marketing, strategic management, accounting, finance, human resources...)
  • Core courses aimed at promoting entrepreneurial and leadership skills (strategic and responsible innovation, entrepreneurship, project management, leadership and team building...)
  • Peripheral courses useful in business decision making (legal issues in business, managerial economics, business ethics...)

Courses run from september to the end of march. All courses are delivered in English. A 4-to-6-month final project or internship and thesis defense conclude the program.

International dimension :

Internationally-oriented programmes



Program under construction - pending CFVU vote

Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships

Access condition

Access in 2nd year :

  • Eligibility : application file and English test (TOEIC, TOEFL, BULATS, IELTS, CLES, Cambridge Assessment English ou test Erasmus+ OLS)
  • Admission : interview with a jury of teachers and professionals

To find out about the admission requirements, please consult our "apply" section directly on the Grenoble IAE website

Public continuing education : You are in charge of continuing education :

  • if you resume your studies after 2 years of interruption of studies
  • or if you followed training under the continuous training regime one of the previous 2 years
  • or if you are an employee, job seeker, self-employed

If you do not have the diploma required to integrate the training, you can undertake a validation of personal and professional achievements (VAPP)

Candidature / Application

Access the "apply" section directly on the Grenoble IAE website

And after

And after

Sectors of activity

Career options for this program are extremely varied. They depend mostly on students first-degrees and professional career plans.