UE Organometallic catalysis

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


The purpose of this course is to teach students reaction involving organometallic species. It will include electronic   structures of complexes, elementary organometallic reactions and then their use in synthesis  (organo-lithium, -magnesium , -zinc, -copper/ hydrogenations/ cross coupling/metal-carbenes complexes/metal polyenes/  C-H activation).

Recommended prerequisite

Organic chemistry (bachelor program, CHI501 and CHI601)

Targeted skills

Knowledge of the typical reactivity and synthetic uses of the most representative organometallics reagents.


I. Electronic structures of complexes
II. Elementary organometallic reactions
III. Hydrogenation reactions
IV. Stoechiometric organometallics
V. Cross-Coupling reactions
VI. Metal-carbene/metal-polyene complexes.