Master in Electrical Engineering for smart grids and buildings

Présentation et objectifs

Graduating from this master you will gain expertise in managing the full current and future energy chain taking into account the environmental and societal aspects. You will be able to take up the challenges associated with the new energy paradigm. You will receive a solid engineering know-how with economics , sociology, regulation and convergence between ICT and energy (Cyber Physical Systems).

The master in electrical engineering for Smart Grids and Buildings proposes a 20 month full time 120 ECTS state-of-art technical training in smart energy management in buildings and power grids together with economic, societal and cultural aspects to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow, managing the total energy chain (production, distribution, use).


Grids and Building, a major concern for our societies
Quality of the training, amazing level of practical works, availability of the professors and supporting staff
Strong connection with industry, most of Master Thesis within companies, job opportunities in France and abroad
Cutting edge research environment providing numerous PhD positions
Perfect international atmosphere, Intercultural experience, fast integration among local students


Alstom, Atos Worldgrid, CEA, Schneider Electric, Supergrid Institute, and Eaton and EDF

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