UE Public Law I: Constitution Law

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This course is the first part of a full-year course, dealing with French Constitutional, Administrative and, in some respects, Political matters. Both semesters can be followed separately. During this first semester, we will focus more on institutional aspects, such as the State organisation (i.e. the process of regionalisation and the end of the Unitary State?) or the Separation of Powers and contemporary problems (i.e. the metamorphosis of the Conseil constitutionnel into a Supreme Court?). But we’ll also deal with some political questions, especially because 2017 will be an election year (both for President and the Assemblée nationale).
The methodology will be the same for Public Law I & II: the semester will be divided into topics. Every lecture will start with an oral presentation, mixing French and Comparative aspects on the precise topic. Then we’ll open the discussion to widen the analysis of the topic. Assessment will be based on an oral presentation made in class and an essay (based on the oral presentation).

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais