UE Private International Law

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This course will begin with a general presentation on concepts of Private International Law. It will first explain both the history and sources of this peculiar branch of law, and then present its methods, as well as its role and importance in today’s fast evolving European market. Afterwards it will focus on conflict of laws theory, which aims to determine how courts determine what national laws are applicable to international disputes. All mechanisms involved in the resolution of such matters will be defined before examining various detailed rules of Private International Law related to specific areas such as family law, contracts and torts. The European Union’s action in this field will be particularly stressed. In conclusion, the course will give an overview of the European Regulations on Conflicts of Jurisdiction, as this knowledge is vital to anybody intending to understand the ins and outs of private international law in Europe.

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais