UE International protection of human rights

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This seminar provides an introduction to the political and legal role of human rights in international relations. Beginning with an exploration of the origins and philosophical underpinnings of the idea of human rights, the seminar will focus on the tangible impact of human rights in international relations and the various mechanisms through which such impact may be achieved. The process of how ‘human rights’ has become increasingly internationalized in order to protect the individual from abuse will be explained. We will then analyze the failures, as well as the successes of how international efforts, at both the universal and regional intergovernmental levels and NGO activity can monitor and control the abuse of sovereign power and at times even provide a remedy to human rights victims. A good part of the class will focus on the legal and especially judicial protection of human rights beyond the state.
The first part of the seminar explain the institutions and mechanisms for the protection and promotion of human rights at universal and regional levels as the second part puts the emphasis on the substantive aspect of human rights by analyzing the main human rights successively.
The course is subject to continuous evaluation which means that attendance is mandatory.
The evaluation is based on the participation to the seminar notably at the occasion of an oral presentation. Furthermore a written evaluation is also consists in a final exam and a paper elaborated in groups of 3 or 4 persons.

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