UE Intellecutal Property Law

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The purpose of this unit is to make the students acquire the basic concepts in intellectual property law and the fundamental principles that govern this branch of law. IP Law is generally divided into two main fields: Literary and Artistic Property Law and Industrial Property Law.
Following the introduction of the sources of IP Law, the main rights in both domains will be analyzed, such as authors' rights, patents and trademarks, industrial designs, IT creations. More specifically, the conditions for obtaining these rights and the prerogatives that the holders are invested will be studied. Case studies will be discussed during the lecture for an active participation of the students.
The first part of the evaluation (%70) will be based on a final written examination. The second part (%30) will be assessed according to the results of the short examination which will be held during the semester, the oral participation in the class and if chosen by the student, homework prepared on the selected topic.

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