UE Communication tools

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


The introductory lecture will describe the basis to perform good oral and written presentations. This synopsis will be documented with several sequences of combined lecture, tutorial, workshop to allow the master students to deal with any situation of their Master 1 year or their future work.

A first sequence will help the students to find an internship. A tutorial and a workshop will be organized in order to improve their CV and practice an interview.

A second teaching sequence will address the way to write a scientific report, from an internship report towards a scientific publication. This part will be followed by a lecture concerning the different modes of scientific communication, written or oral (report, meeting, lab-book, etc) within a laboratory.

A third sequence will deal with oral scientific presentation. A tutorial will explain how to prepare the presentation as well as how to present it. A workshop will give the opportunity to practice in front of an audience. It will also be the basis for an evaluation.

Another lecture will provide an opening towards electronic communication tools in order to be able to succeed in a skype interview and to be visible on the web using tools like LinkedIn or Viadeo.

A closing lecture will offer a transversal view of the different points highlighted throughout the course.

Writing skills will be evaluated based on a scientific report. The report and presentation evaluation will be related to other scientific teaching units followed by the students during the first semester of the master 1 but the evaluation will not take into account scientific knowledge.

Targeted skills

Students will improve their skills in written and oral presentation. The course will provide competences required for the Master 1. Students will be trained in order to be able to write their CV and internship report, achieve interviews and be able to provide convincing scientific presentation. These specific points will also be extended to other oral and written communication tools as well as electronic communication that can be needed during and after a Master 2 program.