UE Chemistry and cellular biochemistry

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(Course outline)

The course is organized in three interconnected topics:

1/ Biocatalysis

2/ Oxygen chemistry in Biology

3/ Biochemistry around cellular membranes (membranes lipids and rafts, membrane proteins, and glycosaminoglycans)



        Basis in Enzymes cofactors and vitamins

        Cofactors involved in group transfer

        Cofactors involved in redox reaction

        Cofactors and chemical origin of life

 Biological Chemistry of Oxygen

         Chemistry of O2

         Defense mechanism, detoxification of reactive oxygen species (ROS)

         Role of ROS in physio-pathology

         Regulation, sensing mechanism

         Cellular sources of ROS.

Membrane Biochemistry

        Lipids, Membrane and Rafts

        Membrane proteins: synthesis and topology

        Membrane proteins and detergent biochemistry




Extracellular Biochemistry: GAGs

        Extracellulaire matrices

        Glycosaminoglycans (GAG): biosynthesis and catabolism

        GAG: biological activities

        GAG: pathology and applications

This module brings strong background (relative to oxidative stress) to the Unit “Experimental Approaches in Biology”

Targeted skills

(Targeted skills)

-       expertise in structural analysis of an active site

-       basics in chemical mechanism occurring in enzymes (as a function of the different types of cofactors)

-       characterization of cofactors/active site by biophysical methods.

All these competences are preliminary to future drug design expertise and approaches that will be viewed more deeply in other modules of the master.

-       Chemistry and reactivity of O2 in biology (molecular basis of oxydative stress, role in pathology (cancer, etc..); detoxification, ....

-       Biochemistry of lipids, lipids rafts, membrane protein biochemistry (receptors, transporters, channels), basis in pharmacology of membrane proteins, and biosynthesis and biology of glycosaminoglycans.