Master in Materials science and engineering

Master in Materials science and engineering

Materials for nuclear energy

Presentation and goals

The master in MaNuEn - Materials for Nuclear Energy - is an international master designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the nuclear industry, in R&D or working for research organisations. MaNuEn is a 2-year master that aims to cover the specificities of the materials used in the nuclear environment, whether fuel or components, with a particular focus on the durability of materials under irradiation. The second year of the master MaNuEn is shared with the Master of Science Innovation in Nuclear Energy - EMINE (first year at KTH in Sweden or the UPC in Spain).

The content of the program and courses was developed in collaboration with engineers from EDF and CEA. The second year takes place over two semesters : all the courses of the master are taught in the first half (september to january) : 2 specialised courses taught at CEA Cadarache (3 weeks in december) and the Materials Ageing Institute (2 weeks in january at EDF in Les Renardières) are part of the curriculum.

Start of the new academic year : early september

Train engineers or researchers in aspects related to materials and their durability in the nuclear field


• Science of materials for nuclear energy
• Durability of materials (fuel and components)



Further information

  • More than 60% of the classes are taught by representatives from industry (CEA or EDF)
  • Joint accreditation by the INSTN
  • Around 50% of the classes are taught by professionals from the nuclear industry
  • Close contact with the Materials R&D teams at CEA and EDF
  • A series of lectures on energy issues
  • 1 to 3 weeks of immersion courses at EDF or CEA

Training in collaboration with:

  • Partner laboratories: LEPMI (Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physico-Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces) UMR (joint research unit) 5279; LPSC (Laboratory of Subatomic Physics and Cosmology)
  • Partner companies

International dimension :

Internationally-oriented programmes

100 % in English

Accredited organizational unit(s)
  • University of Grenoble Alpes
Partner schools



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Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships

Access condition

To be accepted for a master 2nd year, you must hold a master 1 degree or equivalent.  Your previous studies must be compatible with the master you wish to study. The recruitment and registration conditions are stated for each speciality.

Candidature / Application

See Grenoble INP website


  • Pre-requisite for the master 1 st year : have a bachelor degree in physics, mechanics, nuclear physics, materials
  • Pre-requisite for the master 2nd year : have an master 1st degree in physics, mechanics, nuclear physics, materials

And after

And after

Further studies

All doctoral schools in physics or materials, for example ED IMEP2 or ED physics in Grenoble

Sectors of activity

  • Engineer in the nuclear industry
  • Engineer in research and development centres (CEA, EDF, Areva...)
  • Researcher or teacher-researcher in academia