UE Environment records

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


The objective of "Environmental Records" is to understand the principles and implementation of classical methods of sedimentology, isotope chemistry, mineralogy and biology (DNA, pollen, chironomids, diatoms) applied to the study of various paleoenvironnemental records (sediment, peat, loess,..) to reconstruct Holocene landscape, plant and human migration, climate change.
The aim is to reconstruct the quality of water, the biology of the catchment area, landscapes, water and air pollution, the direction of marine currents and winds throughout the Holocene and thus to reconstruct the advent of the Anthropocene since the Bronze Age

The module is based on a series of applied lectures/examples and includes a personal project on a topic chosen from a wide range of themes, or on another topic defined with the student and the supervisors, with a written report and an oral presentation.

Recommended prerequisites: Basic geochemistry, and notions of geology and sedimentology

Language of teaching: In French, with slides in English