UE Operations Research

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


Operational Research proposes scientific methods
to help make better decisions. The idea is to develop and use mathematical and computer
tools to master complex problems. Practical applications are historically in
the direction and management of large systems of people, machines, and
materials in industry, service, humanitarian aid, environment ...

In this course, we will focus on especially on problems with a combinatorial
structure: the number of possible solutions is finite but too large to be
enumerated. The study of these problems involves a phase of modelling practical
problems and then algorithmic resolution.

At the end of this course, students will be able to propose a model and will be
able to implement practical solutions (dedicated or industrial tools) to deal
with a problem of decision or optimization.

Recommended prerequisite

No prerequisites required but a good understanding of algorithmic courses is a plus.

Targeted skills

- Recognize a situation where operational research is relevant.
- Understand the main tools of operational research.
- Have the methodological elements to choose, when faced with a practical problem, the methods of resolution and the most adapted tools.
- Know how to manipulate computer tools to solve a discrete optimization problem.