UE Advanced networking

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


The purpose of the lecture is to give you more knowledge and skills in the domain of computer networking. Both theoretical and practical knowledge will be acquired.


  1. Routing:
    • at Layer 2 - Spanning Tree Protocol
    • internal routing (RIP, OSPF)
    • external routing (BGP)
  2. Congestion control:
    • fairness
    • AIMD algorithm
    • TCP variants (Reno, Cubic, BBR)
  3. Quality of Service:
    • token bucket, scheduling
    • MPLS
  4. Case study
    • Next Generation Data Center Architecture

Recommended prerequisite

Students should have taken the basic computer networking course.

- Routing (RIP, OSPF, BGP) - Congestion control - Quality of service - MPLS - SNMP - Case study Next Generation Data Center Architecture

Targeted skills

The lecture is a follow-up of the basic computer networking course and provides a more detailed view on routing protocols, congestion control, and Quality of Service. Lab exercises and manipulations will provide some practical knowledge of advanced protocols.