UE Physical Security : Embedded, Smart Card, Quantum & Biometrics

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


Embedded systems: Principles of embedded systems design; smart cards, structure, and physical attacks; Design for Test and attacks on test structures; attacks through auxiliary channels; attacks by mistakes; countermeasures to the cited attacks.

Biometrics: objectives, fundamental principle, verification/authentication, various biometric modalities, examination of the most used modalities (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris) on the sensor side as well as on the algorithm side, the biometrics market, biometric performance evaluation (FAR & FRR), standardization, security of biometric systems (cryptography/vitality detection), introduction to encrypted biometry with cryptography (the grail of biometrics), protection of privacy, myths and realities.

Quantum: the postulates of quantum mechanics; how to use quantum information to make calculations, circuits and quantum algorithms; description of quantum information, density matrices, POVM measurements, fidelity, entropy; quantum error corrector codes; a bit of quantum communication complexity; use quantum information to make cryptography theoretically "secure", key exchange protocol BB84

Recommended prerequisite

Cryptographic primitives, bases of numerical design, algorithms, bases of linear algebra