UE Advanced cryptology

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


The aim of this course is to present some advanced topics in cryptography. The exact content may vary from one year to another; as an indication past topics have included:
- Linear secret sharing schemes (code-based schemes, access structures...)
- Provable constructions in symmetric cryptography (building block cipher from ideal permutations)
- Symmetric cryptanalysis (statistical and algebraic)
- Algorithms and constructions in code-based cryptography (information-set decoding, LPN)
- Zero-knowledge proofs
- Advanced signatures (group signatures...)
- Advanced constructions (oblivious transfer, group encryption...)
- Post-quantum cryptography
- Elliptic-curve and isogeny-based cryptography

Recommended prerequisite

A good knowledge of basic notions in cryptography (security definitions, classical constructions...) is expected. This should also be complemented by good skills in algorithmics and discrete mathematics (finite fields, linear algebra, statistics, elementary algebraic geometry...).