UE Laboratory internship PhEDD (part II)

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


The student will spend 6 months in a research team to work on a scientific project dealing with at least one of the fields covered by the Master 2 PhEDD program.

Finding the research team and the subject relies on the student.

A proposal for this internship should be sent to the module’s coordinator during the spring/early summer of the previous academic year for validation: It must fit to at least one of the fields covered by the Master 2 PhEDDprogram.

The student will be supervised in the lab by a researcher of the field.

Targeted skills

One important aspect is to learn how to work in a research team. At the end of the internship the student will have acquired methods to drive his/her own research project, extract theoretical and technical data from scientific publications and present his/her data in front of scientists. He/she will master up to date in vivo and in vitro techniques necessary to study several aspects of the field. Finally, the student will need to gather his/her results in a 20-page report that he/she will defend in front of a committee composed of field specialists.