Intensive or semi-intensive French language teaching

Presentation and goals

These classes are based on a dynamic method, the use of authentic documents and the choice of varied themes so that the learner is fully involved in his or her learning. For the learner it will involve acquiring and developing spoken and written communication skills, carrying out authentic tasks and interacting in diverse situations.

 Intensive method (during the working day)

20 hours of classes per week, with 4 hours of classes per day, from Monday to Friday, in the morning or afternoon.

 After a placement test, the students are split into the levels below (CEFRL):
    A1 – Discovery
    A2 – Survival
    B1 – Threshold
    B2– Independent
    C1– Autonomous
    C2 – Master

The Ministries of Higher Education and Research, Foreign and European affairs and Culture and Communication decided to implement a certification initiative for French as a foreign language centres based on French soil.

It is the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques (CIEP), a national public body with an administrative nature from the Ministry of Education, which is in charge of this mission.

The Grenoble CUEF has been receiving the FLE quality certification for over 10 years!!!

Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships

Target group

These lessons are for students and adults of all levels (A1 to C1), wishing to acquire and develop their linguistic skills and understanding of French culture in an intensive way