UE Computational biology

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This interdisciplinary MSc course is designed for applicants with a biomedical, computational or mathematical background. It provides students with the necessary skills to produce effective research in bioinformatics and computational biology. The objective of the course is to introduce mathematical biology questions, stochastic and deterministic approaches for modeling biological systems, and advanced tools for the analysis of biological data.

The topics addressed in this course include a brief introduction to stochastic processes and differential equations and their application to biological problems. The first part of the course focuses on modelling in molecular biology and evolution, and on the analysis of molecular phylogenetic or population genetic data. The second part of the course focuses on models in cellular biology and biomechanics.

Evaluation :

1st session: oral presentation E1a and written exam Practical project E1b

The final mark in session 1 is obtained as 0.5*E1a + 0.5*E1b.

2nd session: written exam E2

Recommended prerequisite

No specific prerequisites.