UE Hydrology and Hydrometeorology Field Course

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This hydrology trainee course occurs on the ‘Gazel’ and ‘Claduègne’ watershed sites in the French Ardèche department. To note that the landscapes are appreciated not only from hydrologists but also from tourists of the entire planet. The investigated watersheds are monitored since 2011 by the ‘Observatoire Hydrométéorologique Méditerranéen Cévennes-Vivarais’ (http://www.earth-syst-sci-data-discuss.net/essd-2016-32/) for a better understanding of the processes leading to the flash floods, and associated improvement of their prediction. Teaching occurs on site in small group (5-6 students) workshops and combines both theoretical and practical training and on-site hypothesis testing. Teaching focuses on an integrated understanding approach, that means the transmission of watershed-relevant hydrological, meteorological, pedological, geophysical, geochemical, ecological and geomorphological knowledge. Courses are performed by the staff of observatory researchers and professors (http://www.osug.fr/) in their respective domain of their specialized knowledge, the Environmental Geosciences Institute (http://www.ige-grenoble.fr/) is specifically involved.

Lange d’enseignement / Teaching language: french, with english support, see the ‘Hydroressource’ main page.