UE Advanced gravitational risk

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The objective of this course is to provide the fundamental notions of the study of landslides, which can have very diverse characteristics (speeds, sizes, mechanisms, geology) and forcings (precipitations, earthquakes, anthropic actions, deglaciation, erosion...). An important part of the course consists in illustrating the use of observation and characterisation methods (geodesy, remote sensing, seismology, geophysics, geomorphology, cosmogenic dating) of landslide activity, as well as the modelling of landslide propagation, and then to use them in the form of mini-projects.
This course is therefore largely based on the practice of tools and the study of active and paleo landslide cases, including visits on different sites.

Recommended prerequisite

Basic knowledges in Geology, Seismology, Geodesy, Remote-sensing, Geomechanics