Master in Civil engineering

Master in Civil engineering

Hydraulic and civil engineering 2nd year

Presentation and goals

The international HCE program, over the 2 years master, more than 80% of the ECTS are common to the ENSE3, and four courses worth 3 ECTS are also common to the GCER programme.

The Hydraulic and civil engineering (HCE) program is an international vocational course whose main objective is to train engineers/managers in the field of water and environmental engineering, whether for the private or public sector. In the HCE program, special attention is paid to issues relating to the design of unique constructions and structures for which water flows are decisive factors. The employment opportunities at management level concern : studies, design, consulting and services in hydraulics, structures, geotechnology, offshore, natural risks; design of structures ; maintenance, management and operation of hydraulic structures and networks.

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Further information

For the HCE program, 70% of classes are given in English

International dimension :

Internationally-oriented programmes

Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships

Access condition

  • The first year of master's degree is accessible on file (and / or interview) to candidates with a national diploma conferring the degree of license in a field compatible with that of the master or via a validation of studies or acquired according to the conditions determined by the university or training
  • The second year is accessible on file (and / or interview) to candidates who have validated the 1st year of a compatible course or through a validation of studies or acquired under the conditions determined by the university or training.

Candidates for continuing education :You are eligible for continuing education :

  • if you are resuming your studies after two years of interruption
  • or if you followed a training course under the continuing education scheme in either of the past two years
  • or if you are an employee, job seeker, or self-employed worker

 If you do not have the diploma required for admission to the course, you can undertake a process of validation of prior personal and professional experience (VAPP)


Candidature / Application

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Tuition fees 2019-2020 : 243 €