Master Sciences et génie des matériaux

Informations aux utilisateurs

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Master Sciences et génie des matériaux

Parcours Engineering of functional materials 2e année

Présentation et objectifs

This master program is offered within Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) Phelma. Additionally, it can be followed partly within the framework of international masters in partnership with other European universities. These master programs have dedicated admission procedures:
- Master FAME+ (Functional advanced materials enginering)
- Master AMIS (Advanced materials for innovation and sustainability)
This course, entirely in English, has a specific registration fee of 4000 € / year.

This master program aims at educating researchers for industry and academia in all sectors of materials engineering (structural and functional materials). In the framework of the Engineering school Phelma of Grenoble Institute of Technology, it delivers a high-level curriculum on the fundamentals of materials science and on applied materials engineering. The two second-year programs offer specialization respectively in the area of microelectronics and microsystems, in relation with the very active industrial sector in this area in Grenoble, and in the area of materials for nuclear engineering, in relation with the largest French industrial actors.
The master diploma can lead to a career in industry or to continuation with a PhD. Many PhD opportunities are offered in the many labs of the Grenoble area.



Informations complémentaires

  • Main research labs partners of the master program :

- Science and engineering of materials and processing (SIMAP)
- Laboratory of materials and physical engineering (LMGP)
- Laboratory of electrochemistry and physico-chemistry of materials and interfaces (LEPMI)

  • Main companies partners of the program :

- Energy sector : Areva, CEA, EdF, Schneider Electric
- Micro-electronics : CEA, ST Microelectronics, Soitec
- Materials elaboration : Constellium, ArcelorMittal, Ugitech, Aperam, Saint-Gobain, Aubert & Duval
- Applications : Airbus, Safran

Dimension internationale :

Formation tournée vers l’international

Ce parcours, à caractère international, sert de structure d’accueil au master FAME (Functional advanced materials engineering), qui est un master de type Erasmus Mundus en partenariat avec d’autres établissements européens (

Dans ce cadre, le parcours accueille à la fois des étudiants du master FAME en 1re année, qui partent ensuite dans un des autres établissements du réseau pour leur 2e année, et des étudiants en master 2e année, qui ont réalisé leur 1re année en Allemagne dans le cadre de FAME. Par ailleurs, ce parcours est ouvert en propre à Grenoble INP en 1re et 2e années dans les mêmes conditions que pour les étudiants du master Erasmus Mundus, ainsi qu’en double cursus pour les étudiants de Grenoble INP Phelma.

Etablissement(s) co-accrédité(s)
  • Université Grenoble Alpes



Stages, projets et missions

Internships during the master can be made both in academic labs or in industry. In the latter case, the subject of the internship needs to be validated by the master’s responsible to ensure the research component of the work.



Condition d'accès

Admission is possible after a curriculum in the fields of materials chemistry, physical chemistry, process engineering and electrochemistry. Admission is made at level master  (after validation of a license 3) or at level master 2nd year (after validation of an master 1st year).


See Grenoble INP website :

Et après ?

Et après ?

Poursuite d'études

  • Doctorate in Electrochemistry
  • Doctorate in Process engineering
  • Doctorate in Materials science and engineering
  • The master program can be followed by a PhD. The following doctoral school in Grenoble is particularly suited : doctoral school of engineering, materials, mechanics, energetics, environment, processing, production (IMEP2). Links exist with the International doctoral school IDS FunMat within the EMMI (European Multifunctional Materials Institute)


Secteurs d'activité

  • Materials elaboration
  • Microelectronics and advanced materials

Métiers visés

- Academic research
- Research engineer in industry
- Technical counselling