Master Nanosciences et nanotechnologies

Informations aux utilisateurs

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Master Nanosciences et nanotechnologies

Parcours Nano-physics

Présentation et objectifs

The track  Nanophysics, nanostructures offers fundamental and applied courses in nanosciences, nano-physics and nano-instrumentation.  This track is opened to international students. All courses are given in english.

 The curriculum contains :

  • General courses corresponding to 12 ECTS, among which 6 devoted to the study of a foreign language
  • Transverse courses in nanosciences  and nanotechnologies (15 ECTS) with a large focus on experimental teaching and projects on the cleanrooms and facilities of the Grenoble area
  • Specific courses in nano-physics, (30 ECTS spread over the two years)
  • Elective courses (33 credits) for further specialization or opening in nanosciences 
  • Internships in research teams, 8 weeks the 1st year and 5 months the 2nd year, for preparing the master thesis

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The objective of the nano-physics track in the Nanosciences and nanotechnologies master program is to provide students with a strong background in general sciences, and a specialization in physics at nano-scale and nano-instrumentation.



Dimension internationale :

Formation tournée vers l’international

This track is affiliated to the Erasmus + program EMM Nanosciences and nanotechnologies. EMM Nano students join the nano-physics track in the 2nd year.



Stages, projets et missions

Internships in research teams, 8 weeks the 1st year and 5 months the 2nd year, for preparing the master thesis



Condition d'accès

  • Entry in 2nd year: students who have validated the 1st year of a master's degree in a compatible course or equivalent level

Public continuing education : You report continuing education :

  • if you resume your studies after 2 years of interruption of studies
  • or if you followed training under the continuous training regime one of the previous 2 years
  • or if you are an employee, job seeker, self-employed

If you do not have the diploma required to integrate the training, you can undertake a validation of personal and professional achievements (VAPP)

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Droits de scolarité

Droits de scolarité 2020-2021 : 243 €

Et après ?

Et après ?

Métiers visés

This track offers two main professional perspectives :
- Continue in research with a PhD in physics, nanosciences and nanotechnologies, in France or abroad
- Become a R & D engineer in industry, where the strong background in general science will be appreciated