Master Marketing, Vente

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Master Marketing, Vente

Parcours Advanced research in Marketing 2e année

Présentation et objectifs

The master of “Advanced Research in Marketing” program proposes training in research techniques and methods, as well as in-depth theoretical knowledge in marketing. Exclusively centered on aspects of research methodology and the development of advanced scientific knowledge in marketing, it guarantees the acquisition of an excellent understanding of the research process and a high level of specialized knowledge in marketing. The doctoral program of Management Sciences of Grenoble (EDSG) provides an opportunity for students wishing to pursue a doctoral Degree (PhD) to continue their studies after the master’s program.



Informations complémentaires

• Training in high-level research
• An active and stimulating “flipped teaching”
• An experienced and high-quality faculty staff
• A favored access to the Doctoral College
• A program completely taught in English

The program being completely taught in English, the integration of foreign students is facilitated, providing however that they master the English language.




Condition d'accès

To find out about the admission requirements, please consult our "apply" section directly on the Grenoble IAE website.

Public continuing education:

You are part of continuing education:

    if you resume your studies after 2 years of interruption of studies,
    or if you were undergoing training under the continuing training scheme in one of the previous 2 years
    or if you are an employee, jobseeker, self-employed.

If you do not have the required diploma to enter the training, you can undertake a process of validation of personal and professional experience (VAPP).

For more information, consult the web page of the Direction de la formation continue et de l'apprentissage


Access the "apply" section directly on the Grenoble IAE website.

Public cible

* Students possessing a master’s degree first year, preferably with a basic training in marketing  /  management  (master 1, business schools,managementschools, etc).
* Students from engineering schools, agronomy, pharmacy, political studies, psychology, sociology, foreign languages applied to management, etc.

Et après ?

Et après ?

Secteurs d'activité

Many graduates of the “Advanced Research in Marketing” Specialty (Master of Marketing), after defending a doctoral dissertation in the Doctoral College (EDSG), are now in office, either in a university, business school or company.
Still others have joined a company immediately after their Master, with varying positions:

  • Audrey Ballandras, Market Research Analyst in Woolcott Research Pty Ltd Sidney (Australia)
  • Youssef Bouallala, National Program Officer at Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (Morocco)
  • Marion Decroux, Research Ex. Research Excellence in the ASI team, Ipsos Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Sandrine Girollet, Research Analyst, UFC Que Choisir (Paris)

*This program also facilitates access to competitive examinations for secondary education (CAPET, Agrégation du secondaire)