Master Génie industriel

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Master Génie industriel

Parcours Sustainable industrial engineering 2e année

Présentation et objectifs

Industry is of critical importance for the global economy.

Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with the efficient production of industrial goods as affected by elements such as plant and procedural design, the management of materials and energy, and the integration of workers within the overall system.

Sustainable Industrial Engineering addresses the issue of sustainability of industry in three ways: from an environmental point of view, from a social and societal point of view, from an economical point of view.

Sustainable industrial engineering has myriads of application fields since it encompasses the whole value chain and lifecycle of products: from the development of new and innovative machines, products-services to the market and recyclability

The objectives are become a :
*    Project engineer
*    Development or research engineer
*    Business or consultant engineer
*    Production and supply chain engineer
*    Product architect
*    Consultant in Sustainable industrial engineering



Informations complémentaires

Most of the courses will be taught at Génie Industriel, the industrial Engineering school of the Grenoble INP group. The school is centrally located in downtown Grenoble. You will have access to a high technology platform. Student life in Grenoble is very rich and active (Grenoble is classified N°1 for studies in France – Palmarès des villes étudiantes 2013-2014). Students have the opportunity to follow their interest whether it be in sports (leading center for mountain sports), the arts, non-profit organizations, international relations, or yet other options.

Each student will be required to complete an internship either at an industrial firm or in a research laboratory. This may be undertaken in France or abroad. This is an opportunity to consolidate and discover working methods and to learn how to manage real projects. A written dissertation will be required at the end of the training period to be defended in front of a jury.

Dimension internationale :

Formation tournée vers l’international

100% en anglais

Etablissement(s) co-accrédité(s)
  • Université Grenoble Alpes



Master Industrial Engineering (GI) Sustainable Industrial Engineering program - Semestre 4 : Master Thesis based on a mission  in an industrial firm or a research laboratory in France or abroad



Condition d'accès

To enter a 2nd year Master, you must hold a master 1st year or equivalent. Your curriculum must be in agreement with the master you wish to integrate. The recruitment and registration procedures are specified directly at the level of specialties. For the 3 courses in French, the choice of course is made after admission to the master Industrial engineering.


See Grenoble INP website:

Et après ?

Et après ?

Secteurs d'activité

Le parcours international, à vocation professionnelle, dédié aux étudiants étrangers, a pour ambition de former des cadres dans le domaine du génie industriel avec une spécialisation sur les questions de la soutenabilité concernant le produit et sa chaîne logistique.

- Industrial engineers with sustainable impact : the students will be able to find jobs in Industrial/ Mechanical/ Production/ Automation/ Aerospace/ Energy/ or Management Engineering

- Researchers in industry : the students will have plenty of opportunities to carry on their studies as PhD among one of the numerous international laboratories of the SIE partners (full members or associates) and the research community in the sustainable manufacturing domain.