UE Deep earth-surface coupling in mountain belts

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This course explores some important concepts and recent developments in the study of the potential couplings and feedbacks between processes operating in the internal Earth (tectonics, geodynamics) and at the Earth’s surface. It will also explore how these couplings may be modulated by, and feed back into, climatic changes on geological timescales. 

The course is run in the form of paper discussion seminars, in English: reading assignments will be given for every class; papers will be presented by one or more of the participants and discussed in detail; one of the participants, acting as “rapporteur”, will provide a short report on the discussions. Papers read will include both “modern classics” that provide fundamental conceptual groundwork for the study of deep-earth surface coupling and very recent papers that focus on current debates in this field. Students will also have the opportunity to propose alternative topics or papers to the ones outlined below.

The course is credited by 3 ECTS; evaluation (for the participating Masters students) will be based on the paper presentations and discussion reports. The course is open to 2nd year Master students (Master STpE), PhD students from the TUE doctoral school, and interested post-docs and permanent staff from ISTerre and other labs.

Topics studied in previous years:

Steady state in mountain belts

Response of orogens to climate change

Climate-tectonics interaction in the Himalaya?

Himalayan syntaxes: tectonic aneurisms?

Dynamic topography

Late Cenozoic climate & erosion

Pré-requis recommandés

UE Dynamique de la Lithosphère

UE Earth-Surface Dynamics

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais