UE Physics and elaboration of nanostructures

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The goal of this course is to introduce the crystal growth techniques and the physics of nanostructures. Both aspects will be mostly illustrated by examples taken in field of semiconductor nanostructures. The first part will present the usual semiconductors and their alloys used as elementary building blocks of semiconductor nanostructures. The second part will be devoted on the epitaxial growth techniques. After an introduction of the basics of the epitaxial growth modes, the elastic strain will be discussed in the case of planar heteroepitaxy leading to elastic or plastic deformations. A description of the common epitaxial growth techniques will be presented. The third part will address specifically the case of nanostructures in term of growth, electronic and optical properties. The different ways to growth nanostructure from quantum wells to quantum dots will be presented, as well as the specific case of nanowire growth and selective growth. Different structural characterization techniques (transmission electron microscopy, X ray diffraction, in situ analyses, atomic probe tomography) will be introduced in this part. Concerning electronic properties, the fundamental aspects will be discussed using the envelop function formalism: calculation of 2D, 1D, 0D quantum confinement, light-matter interactions, confined excitons, selection rules, interband and inter-subband optical transitions).

Part I: Introduction to semiconductor nanostructures

 Chap. 1 : Usual semiconductors used as elementary building blocks for nanostructures 

Chap. 2 : Physical properties of electron and holes closed to band extrema

Part II : Epitaxial growth

Chap. 3 : Basics and growth modes.

Chap. 4 : Heteroepitaxy and strain in epitaxial nanostructure

Chap. 5 : Growth techniques

Part. III : Growth and physical properties of semiconductor nanostructures

Chap. 6 : Growth and structural characterization of nanostructures

Chap. 7 : Electronic properties

Chap 8 : Optical properties

Pré-requis recommandés

solid state physics, physics of semiconductors, quantum mechanics

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais