UE Molecular biology

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Goal: The course presents the fundamental properties of nucleic acids and proteins. It conveys basic knowledge about biologically active molecules, their properties and their function. An introduction to bioinformatics is provided.
Practicals are intended to illustrate the theoretical knowledge on DNA and proteins with biochemical experiments. They provide hands-on work with the basic techniques in molecular genetics and protein biochemistry. See here

Content.   Different topics will be discussed :
- Structure and function of proteins
- Nucleic acids and the genetic code
- Regulation of gene expression
- Introduction to enzymology
- Molecular biology techniques to analyse and modify nucleic acids and proteins
The introduction to bioinformatics gives insight into:
- Protein 3D structure and genome analysis<o:p> as well as primer design.

The practicals are organized in 5 sessions during wich a gene and its corresponding protein are analyzed.
The DNA sessions are focused on: plasmid DNA purification using alcaline lysis ; quantification of DNA ; sequence-specific DNA amplification using PCR ; restriction analysis.
The Protein sessions are focused on: expression of a recombinant protein in E coli ; protein purification using affinity chromatography ; protein quantification (Bradford) ; SDS PAGE analysis and Western blot ; quantification using ELISA.

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais