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Transcultural Literature

Ghosts of America. Fantastic Fiction in the United States from the Nineteenth Century until Today (N.Manning)

Beginning with an overview of theories of fantastic literature since Todorov, this course examines the forms and features of the ghost story in the United States since the nineteenth century. We will explore the extent to which we may view ghostly presences as complex tropes, which allow fiction to tackle latent or unaddressed questions of injustice, violence, race, sexuality, unnamed affects and alterity.

Bibliography : a brochure will be distributed in class, containing extracts from such authors as Edgar Allan Poe, Edith Wharton, Henry James, Joyce Carol Oates or Lorrie Moore

Pré-requis recommandés


Students must be able to do close-readings of literary texts.

Compétences visées


The aim of the class is to study how  ‘home’ is represented in short stories in English from various regions of the globe. The focus of the class is on notions of landscape, place and placelessness, as well as on short fiction. We will discuss how short fiction can contribute to redefining identities through representations of place and placelessness.

Cours de M . Foley:

By the end of the course, students will:

• Be conversant in social movement and subcultural theory.

• Be able to draw upon a wide range of historical and contemporary social movement

and subculture case studies to explain grassroots participation in American politics.

• Understand the interrelationship of mainstream politics with social movement and

subcultural politics.

• Understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of political engagement via a

range of social movement and subcultural strategies.

• Demonstrate the skills needed to analyze primary and secondary sources in a

thoughtful, skillful way.

• Be able to conduct independent research at the graduate level and employ some of the

tools, theories, and methods acquired in this course in analytical, argumentative


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