UE Criminal Litigation

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This course is dedicated to the presentation of the French characteristics of the body of law that relates to crime and punishment. After a brief presentation of the evolution of criminal law from a historical perspective, the course aims at introducing the principles of criminal law, the specificity of the classification of offenses and its range of penalties in France. It will insist upon the theories of punishment by establishing a comparison with Common Law jurisdictions. A study of the balance between the legal means to maintain public order and the rights of the defence will then be conducted through a presentation of the specificity of the French criminal procedure.
An active participation of the students is required since the notions will be presented through various role plays including enactment of excerpts of mock trial, embodiment of famous criminal lawyers, debates over restorative justice and performance of cases in order to illustrate substantive law.
Pedagogic supports: Films, TV series and documentary extracts, interviews with judges, translations of criminal code, power point presentations.
Skills assessments: oral (analysis of study case) and written (principles of French criminal law and criminal procedure).

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble
Langue(s) : Anglais