UE Nanophysics with local probes

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Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


Goal: Introduction to local probe techniques in Nanosciences.

Part 1: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and its applications, near-field microscopies instrumentation
Chapter 1: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Refresher on the free electron model in a metal, including the work-function basis.
Basics on electron tunneling though a square barrier.
Field emission in the framework of the WKB approximation.
Microscopic model of tunneling.
Expression of the tunnel current as a function of the density of states and electronic distribution function.
General description of STM.

Chapter 2: Instrumentation for Scanning Probe Microscopy
Chapter 3: STM imaging of surfaces

Chapter 4: Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of nano-objects and nanostructures
Principles of local spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging

Chapter 5: Nanomanipulation

Chapter 6: New local probes. Combined AFM-STM

Part 2: Atomic Force Microscopy and related techniques

 Chapter 1: Principles of AFM

Chapter 2:  Imaging modes

 Chapter 3: Spectroscopy mode. Force curves and related interaction measurements, Force mapping

Chapter 4: Introduction to Electric Force Microscopy

Chapter 5: AFM as a local tool

Recommended prerequisite

Quantum mechanics, solid-state physics, Basic mechanics